Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Health Expedition to Surabaya-Indonesia(Part 1)

Dear friends,as what i have promised,that is only the part 1 for my entire expedition in Indonesia,still many more photoes to upload and words to write/type. So stay tune and perhaps wait patiently.

Departure frm MSU -Look at our 'cute' red bus from our institute.

In Indonesia, Rm 0.40 atau 40 sen is equivalent to 1000 rupiah(subjected to plus n minus depending on d currency exchange but wont vary much). So,when u exchange Rm 350 plus-u r a instant millionaire in Indonesia..... who said u can't be a millionaire? Thats easy,very easy indeed.

Some photoes when we arrive at the airport (Air Asia)..... we took so many ...well,i guest we have about 4-5 hours of free time there !

What things to know 1st b4 heading to Indon= The water quality are very bad(most time we will b dinking mineral botte water, 1.5 litre is about 3500 rupiah (about Rm 1.50- very cheap huh?),well-as a safety precaution frm Diarrhoea (cirit birit yg kronik) and other complications. So everything involve water pun agak tak selamat including d food but....its unavoidable. Hehe bila dah nampak makanan yg sedap lagi murah,apa lagi ,main balun aje lah...mana ada fikir pasal hal2 yg lain lagi ..hehe. Ai,anggap saya tak pernah sebut pasal ini,hehe,i shouldn do that as a medical practitioner,but i am still a normal human being. So,i'll just grab any food that looks go n put into my mouth, dont bother much about the consequences but thank God,nothing went bad at all to myself.

About 2 hours before boarding the plane (An incomplete group photo)

According to the statistics-50 % population in Indonesia are most probably and frequently subjected to Dengue fever.... if u have been there, mosquitoes are everywhere including the hotel room,i am not talking about one or two,but quite a number,have a look at the lobby,u will b surprised and along the road,u will encounter flies(especially on the hawkers or any stalls nearby the road).So,do bring mosquito repellent or at least long sleeve clothes.... though d weather over there is quite similar to Malaysia-Hot !!!

This would be the hotel that we stayed for about 4 days

A picture i took at the side road of the hotel

Geographically, most part of the Indonesia have building which look like in 80 's,look like old yet some look quite fashionable inside and you can clearly notify the different in city area,the rich population and the normal population where comparison can be done as merely as watching the living area. The rich's house looks bigger than our Sultan's house...imagine that !!! And of course,each population is situated at its own respective areas. I'll show some photos on the rich peoples properties-their home/buildings meant to rent...or mayb just 4 display....imagine, a house,huge one that took mayb more than 5 years to finish built,with all those architectures n sculptures.....

A photo -somewhere in the hotel

An early morning snap with the crews(Mr Ismet,Fadli, Me n Sri) wearing our MSU T-shirt

Shopping malls are divided into 3 classes, normal shopping mall,Mega shopping mall and Giant shopping mall. The difference? Giant shopping mall is like 2 or 3 times bigger than Sunway Piramid..... i wonder whats inside..hehe. Sungai Wang= normal shopping mall.

In front of the Faculty of Health Sciences-Pharmacy of University Air Langga-Indon

Mission objectives : To perform a health community service via simple health checkups to the villagers in Surabaya's kampung area. Well, after the 1 objective,d rest would be to enjoy and eat for the rest of the journey(this is soo my own objectives,i'll elaborate more on the shopping aspects later,in d next entry).

Complete Group photo with our banner from MSU

Involvement: About 26 persons all frm the same institute-MSU( Management and Science University).

Duration: About 4 days- Not Enough !!!,i haven't try all the famous dishes yet !!!

Famous dishes: Yummy ! This entry will/might be very long...hehe

That should be covering the 1st part of our adventure. I'll update more later, when i am free. Be well and feel well,take care , all my friends. Salam...



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