Friday, November 16, 2007


The sentences/sayings below are modified from a source. I would like to share it with u all.....poetry and wonderful songs and musics(the choices of language and types is not a matter at all) is one of a must in a persons life,try it one day and you would understand clearly ............

How many mountains and rivers must i cross to reach the country where there is no loneliness, Even though i know no such country actually exist, i too set out on a new journey today.

What do you all thinks and feels behind the above 2 sentences?

Things that i have thought were coincidences Weren't coincidences,since i was able to meet you like this, Wrapped in your arms i am only myself right now from inside my body, i am gently melting i see a dream,i see a dream I called your name again n again the rain that fell on my heart was so cold i give all my heart to u and weight of my body as well i wanted to do this,i wanted to be like this, to be close to u I love u and continue to love u No matter what i'll have to go through everything will be forgiven and one day dissolved away there is a place waiting for us

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