Monday, October 8, 2007

Thinking.. or just changing mindset/prejudice?

The quote for today :

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices..... by William James

Whenever there are problems that pop up in our life, what are the method that normally you all used or begin with? Facing it, run from it for awhile, pretend as if nothing happen and pray that you are not dreaming about it, share it or just go along with it with a 'my-soul- is -going -to -diminished' behavior?

Anyway will do except to run away from it permanently. What i wanted to highlight here is that, we always and need for most of the time to firstly,to change our perceptions towards a calamity (malapetake in Bhs M'sia) not the sqeezing your brain to think of a solution but rather 'accept' it first.

We changed our perceptions- its just merely changing or altering our prejudices (prasangka)-our thoughts towards a matter. That is the first steps. Once we change our prejudices let say from ' i hate going to work' to ' i may,just may find something new that may interest me about life', the rest of it -the remaining solutions will follow their way into our life.

So, instead of screaming,whining and scratching and the worse, bashing your head onto the wall to get the grand solution or worrying what will happen if you fail to do so, stop thinking ,start changing perceptions first. Have faith in yourself ! You have go through nothing less than others, you have strive through and life experience isn't something cannot that can be quantified ... definitely not by age but just ....the attitude to face it. Don't you agree? Betul le?

By -ChoyHH-

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