Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Raya is around d corner...

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all viewer a VERY Happy Raya and Happy Holiday to those who do not celebrate this coming raya especially to buddies (Brother Din, Adam , U.Zali- (when are you going to drop by at my blog?), Azman-UKM, Brother Omar(how's the collection of my songs, hope it brings some pleasant feeling to u, Fikeri( quit studying so darn hard, do keep intouch when you are free) and the rest whom,some i don't think can access internet easily. You guys kind,warmth and unselfish acts have leave a permanent sweet memories in my memoir. May the best blessing be with you all always.

Don't add too much pounds in this Raya, tambah la sikit. You all will look cuter.. haha. Take care and keep intouch.

p/s: Raya tak ajak ke dtg melawat? Haha... badan tak leh dtg but my spirit will be with you all during the festival. Jumpa lagi !

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