Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Do some exercise where ever you are....

A funny article from a fren, plz do some exercise

where ever you are, whether you are in the office

or home, move your hips,move,move....

Mr Rabbit Exercies

1st: Warming up

sam fu kap (Deep Breathing)~~~~

kap hei(Breath in)~~~~~~`

fu hei(Breath out)~~~~

ok. now can FONG PEI (Release some 'gas')~~~

(must read in cantonese)

2ND: Stretching

pom cak cak pom cak cak...

3rd: the upper body exercise

4rd: lower body exercise (moving to left and back)

5th: lower body exercise (moving to right and back)

6th: Head exercise

(make sure to do the 2nd part, it works!)


i got TIE TAO GONG!!(Art of metal head)


7th: whole body exercise



i wana buang all SUI HEI...

(toss away the bad aura)

8th: Jumping exercise: The Pose is the key!

but remember to jump!

9th: relax



LV3 over: Well done!

money money come...

money money come....

must follow all the step ya... have some fun !
N SMILE always !...

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